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Stock Market Analysis: 03/11/10

I will share more on how to spot these movements during my private event soon. Yesterday I had a great evening as I hosted an event at Killiney Exchange on how to spot market opportunities. The answer was that Facebook and Nasdaq got sold down heavily yesterday which caused the tech trendy boutique s here in SG to lose some confidence. I made one trade today and that was buying the QLD in pre market and selling it when we got a small rally at the open. Even though the stock looked bullish but I did not trade as I chose not to do anything when I am giving a speech or in a meeting. The extent of many countries super funds and its contributions to their local economies cannot be understated but as these funds have gotten bigger they have even stretched their economic tentacles abroad, US funds through private equity have bought companies in Australia and New Zealand and other countries while Australian funds have bought up large in New Zealand.


47. Las Vegas Sands Corp will now have resistance located at $48.55. I am not sure when it will recover but it takes time. Take them to the local fitness center so you can work out together as a family or you can organize a weekend and spend time biking or hiking or jogging with everyone. As I slowly let go most of my shares as it rose, I was pleased that my decision to take profits was correct or I would suffer the sell down today where profits all turned losses. AEM just released some good sets of results higher revenue and better profits margins but the stock tanked crazily today with a 13.4% drop. But the stock pays a good dividend, worth more than $7 a year and amounting to a 3% yield. One of the investment professionals, I had known as an acquaintance told me over several times that stock market investors could yield you something phenomenal. So what are these 5 investment methods you can profit from in 2016 and beyond?